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Terraform AzureRM 2.0 Provider

New Azure RM Provider 2.0
This article will be updated every times I found something not yet documented on the 2.0 Azure RM provider for Terraform.

IaC & Tests

IaC & Tests
I was looking for the easiest way to test Azure infrastructure.
I take a look into great project like Molecule, Terratest and so on.
Even if they are very cool and powerful, I wanted to find something easier (or lazier).

How to install Azure Stack Dev kit in a breeze

Azure Stack
Azure Stack is an on premise appliance made by Microsoft. The main goal of Azure Stack isn't to have a new Hypervisor like vSphere or Hyper-V, but to have real cloud on prem. If you want to deploy only Virtual Machines, you aren't on the good path.

FRPSUG – Powershell Saturday et contenu de la session (de l’utile, ou pas)

FRPSUG Powershell Saturday et contenu de la session (de l&8217;utile, ou pas)
Suite au premier French PowerShell Saturday du [FRPSUG]( à Paris Le Samedi 16 septembre, dans les locaux de [Cellenza]( (la où je bosse, pour ceux qui ne le savent pas!)

Azure Networking

[Mickael Lopes]( et moi avons animé une session au Global Azure Bootcamp intitulée : "Le réseau dans Azure : Cas d'usage et Retour d'expériences".

Get ink level from HP printers in Powershell

I've find a way to get details about cardrige on low end hp printer !

Get-NextTrain !

Let's play with SNCF Api and Powershell !
My goal was to get a list of the next train in the train station near my home, from powershell...