L’Infrastructure as Code, c’est des méthodes et des outils pour faire des infrastructures reproductibles à l’infini. J’utilise quelques outils sur mes deux postes de travail principaux : un pc sous Windows 10 et un mac sous macOs Sierra. J’ai donc besoin d’outils qui peuvent fonctionner sur les deux plateformes sans “galère” et efficace sur les deux… Read More

Avant Propos Ansible est un outil d’orchestration et déploiment proposé par Red Hat. Il est utilisé par de nombreuses entreprises dans le domaine de l’Open Source. Pendant la préparation des démos pour le MS Cloud Summit, Stanislas Quastana et moi-même avons donc décidé de présenter les outils Open Source Terraform et Ansible afin de déployer des… Read More

I’ve find a way to get details about cardrige on low end hp printer ! Get it on my Git ! HP Snippet $Web = New-object System.Net.WebClient [xml]$stringprinter = $Web.DownloadString(“http://printerhp/DevMgmt/ConsumableConfigDyn.xml”) $stringprinter.ConsumableConfigDyn.ConsumableInfo | Select ConsumableLabelCode,ConsumablePercentageLevelRemaining… Read More

So I assume you have read the part 1 and the part 2 of this little series. The first Function Here is my Function called “Set-Manifest” because I create it for changing the XML and the Block Map : I used this function like that in my “main” script: Part 4 is coming soon 🙂… Read More

So you have read the first article of these little series ( part 1 here : http://etienne.deneuve.xyz/2016/01/11/side-loading-application-without-sccm-part-1/) Powershell With powershell we can automate tasks and manage our servers. Some one asks me to publish an AppxBundle with a need certificate (a good one, sign by a 3rd party provider, not a crappy self signed) for a… Read More

I publish my way to install side loaded application to Windows 8 and above. I looked on Internet and found nothing to install theses apps  on  computers in a company which doesn’t have SCCM. I’ve written a powershell script which will do the work but I want to share the way I built it, instead… Read More

Let’s play with SNCF Api and Powershell ! My goal was to get a list of the next train in the train station near my home, from powershell… My functions are below, feel free to leave a comment, copy it, it’s free ! (Now on Github ! git it !) Of course, it’s not a… Read More