Terraform your DNS In this blog post, I post my article posted on Cellenza Blog, translated in English. The french version is here. The purpose of this blog post is to deploy and configure a Bind9 DNS Server in your Azure subscription and make it able to receive DNS Update form Terraform. I’m pretty sure… Read More

I’ve find a way to get details about cardrige on low end hp printer ! Get it on my Git ! HP Snippet $Web = New-object System.Net.WebClient [xml]$stringprinter = $Web.DownloadString(“http://printerhp/DevMgmt/ConsumableConfigDyn.xml”) $stringprinter.ConsumableConfigDyn.ConsumableInfo | Select ConsumableLabelCode,ConsumablePercentageLevelRemaining… Read More

So I assume you have read the part 1 and the part 2 of this little series. The first Function Here is my Function called “Set-Manifest” because I create it for changing the XML and the Block Map : I used this function like that in my “main” script: Part 4 is coming soon 🙂… Read More

So you have read the first article of these little series ( part 1 here : http://etienne.deneuve.xyz/2016/01/11/side-loading-application-without-sccm-part-1/) Powershell With powershell we can automate tasks and manage our servers. Some one asks me to publish an AppxBundle with a need certificate (a good one, sign by a 3rd party provider, not a crappy self signed) for a… Read More

I publish my way to install side loaded application to Windows 8 and above. I looked on Internet and found nothing to install theses apps  on  computers in a company which doesn’t have SCCM. I’ve written a powershell script which will do the work but I want to share the way I built it, instead… Read More

Let’s play with SNCF Api and Powershell ! My goal was to get a list of the next train in the train station near my home, from powershell… My functions are below, feel free to leave a comment, copy it, it’s free ! (Now on Github ! git it !) Of course, it’s not a… Read More