Terraform AzureRM 2.0 Provider

Azure Devops

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New Azure RM Provider 2.0

This article will be updated every times I found something not yet documented on the 2.0 Azure RM provider for Terraform.

New mandatory

In the past, the provider was optional, today, it is mandatory !

You need to write this part :

provider "azurerm" {
  version = "=2.0.0"
  features {}

If you don’t add the features {} your plan and deployment will fail.

As today, the features block is the new way to activate some features :

features block supports the following:

  • key_vault - (Optional) A key_vault block as defined below.
  • virtual_machine - (Optional) A virtual_machine block as > defined below.
  • virtual_machine_scale_set - (Optional) A > virtual_machine_scale_set block as defined below.